Hilton Anchorage: “Below Hilton Standards – Redux”

Shubunkin1950 on TripAdvisor
August 14, 2014

In the spirit of fairness, I want to provide an update to the review I posted yesterday titled “Below Hilton Standards”. 

Today I was quite surprised to receive a phone call from the Head of Housekeeping regarding my TripAdvisor review from yesterday.

He seemed genuinely concerned about the condition of the two rooms and offered an explanation: by reviewing the records of the room key usage, he determined that someone had re-entered the room after the previous occupants had checked-out, and before we checked in. He also stated that he would be having a meeting the following morning to address this situation, to prevent it from happening again. 

He was very apologetic and offered to send us a gift, since we had been celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime 40th anniversary. I declined the gift saying that addressing and fixing the problem was my objective for writing the review, and it appeared Hilton was doing that. He then offered to add points to our Hilton Rewards program, and that I willingly accepted. 

I do not write many TripAdvisors Reviews, and seldom had the opportunity to write a negative review. And I never expected to receive a response from a review. In this case, I am very impressed that someone from Hilton actually took the time to read my review and respond to it. I can only say that it is obvious that TripAdvisor has had a major impact on how businesses now respond to customer’s comments and strive to improve their products and services. Hilton did the right thing…


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Hilton Anchorage: “Gross hotel!”

Jon S on TripAdvisor
August 9, 2014

Our room had mold and mildew EVERYWHERE. for the price we paid I would never stay in this hotel again. I have stayed in cheap motels that were cleaner than this Hilton. I was super unimpressed ND very glad we only booked it for one night. Don’t waste your money at this place folks.


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Hilton Anchorage: “Rude clerk; mildew in shower.”

jkjjr on TripAdvisor
August 6, 2014

We stayed at this hotel several days ago after a week at a very remote fishing lodge. The desk clerk was rude when I asked about amenities and had a take it or leave it attitude. Another clerk present did nothing to correct her behavior which led me to believe this manner of dealing with guests was policy. She put us in a handicapped room that smelled of smoke. At our request, we were moved to the room we booked: it took over 25 minutes to get into our room after check-in. The wall in the bathroom had several large patches of mold or mildew and the shower curtain was contaminated as well. We were too tired to ask to be changed to another room (I assumed it would be pointless because we would probably find the same ship-shod standard of cleanliness.) We skipped the shower, and went to sleep anticipating an early call to catch our flight home. The phone never rang. Luckily, I had set my phone alarm and the failed wakeup call did not cause us to miss our flight. When I went down stairs to turn in the keys, I found an exhausted airline pilot complaining that out of all the rooms in the hotel, they had given him in the exact room he asked to not be placed in because of street noise. If you can sleep in the airport, you are better off doing than staying at this example of the worst innkeeper’s product. PS: the fishing lodge 45 minutes from the closest airport by beaver plane was spotless compared to this place. If you plan to go to Anchorage, walk through the lobby and see the grizzly and polar bears taken by the legendary guide, Ron Hayes; then walk out.

Room Tip: Stay somewhere else!


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Hilton Anchorage: “Awful!”

joek586 on TripAdvisor
August 6, 2014

Stayed two separate nights while on trip to Alaska. First night was ok but way overpriced. No value for the price. The second stay was just awful. Room had a moldy smell. Woke up with a cough. Restaurant is bland and overpriced. Got off the train and there was no hotel shuttle up the hill. The rooms are old and dusty. Dirt everywhere. I am amazed at the lack of care Hilton takes at this location. Night 2 was also overpriced but even for free I would not stay there again.


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Hilton Anchorage: “Gross and substandard”

LillyPBellevue_WA on TripAdvisor
August 6, 2014

Not sure why this hotel is so run down and unappealing. Shower had mold on ceiling and between tiles and carpet was stained and smelly. Peeling wallpaper and marks on walls and doors in hallway, even the Starbucks in the lobby served foul tasting coffee. Not worth your time. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in midtown at the start of our trip and it was much cleaner and nicer and had a free shuttle that dropped us off right across the street from the grubby one. Have stayed at 40-50 Hilton properties over the last 10 years and this one is the WORST. We had 2 different rooms and both were awful. Bad job Hilton.


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Hilton Anchorage: “Bad experience”

caoq on TripAdvisor
July 27, 2014

Worst Hilton ever. The one king guest room was small. the room has a stinky smell. There is no laundry facility. The front desk was not willing to make any accommodation for customers. The shower curtain smell bad, might not be changed or cleaned for a while. The wall paper has all kind of strange stains.


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Hilton Anchorage: Does not deserve the name Hilton”

Jonharb on TripAdvisor
July 27, 2014

Booked this hotel for two nights in June after a nice cruise. Originally had a rete around $240 per night on the club room floor. I didn’t notice until the morning after we checked in that they were charging a rate of $374 per night. I went to the front desk and the girl said she could not do anything that rates were subject to change so I asked for the manager who gave me the same story and said that the only thing she could do was delete my club room privilege’s and lower the rate to $309. I said do it. The club room consisted mainly of a cheese and crackers menu with a few veggies. They charge a healthy price for drinks and its mostly bottom shelf liquors.
The room we stayed in was old and musty with a view over the downtown industrial section and the only thing good I can say about this place is that its within walking distance of most downtown attractions, but so are many other hotels one of which I will try next time I’m in Anchorage. I got all of this and I’m a Gold member of Hilton Honors. Thank goodness they have many fine Hotels and Motels of which this is not one. Anyone who claims this place is great is either an employee of Hilton or just came in from living under a rock.

Room Tip: Go to another Hotel


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Hilton Anchorage: Janay G. on Yelp!

Hilton Anchorage
July 22, 2014

My husband came out here for a work conference and I got to tag along. We stayed a couple nights at a place near the airport, and then switched over to Hilton since it’s compliments of his job. We got a king bed room and it was DISGUSTING and SMALL. There was a brown substance on the curtains, black footprints in the tub and no toilet paper! I couldn’t handle it, $250/night, are you serious?! My husband went downstairs and spoke with the receptionist who gave us a bigger room (which was also wheelchair accessible…odd) and apologized. The room smelled old and looked used, but I guess that’s the standard around here: everything gets a layer of worness and stank. It’s too bad since Hilton generally has a good rep in my home state of CA. The only reason I gave it two starts is because they had a cool bar/lounge and a really nice waitress names Ivana who recommended an amazing dessert our first night there, and the receptionist was nice; fake and clueless, but nice. I would definitely not recommend this place overall. Stay somewhere else and get your money’s worth.


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Hilton Anchorage: Wesley A. on Yelp!

Hilton Anchorage
July 18, 214

It’s been awhile since I stayed at a Hilton.  Needed something close to downtown for a business visit. The Anchorage Hilton was one of the dirtiest, loudest and rundown hotels I’ve been to in at least a decade.  The giant light up sign on the tower is missing two letters. There was what looked like a big spit gob on a picture by the bed. Water damaged ceiling. Spotty elevator signage and lights. For being one of the most expensive options in Anchorage you’d think they could buy back some dignity. 

Would have given 1 star but the lobby and taxi service is decent. 

Anyway, never again. Steer clear.


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