Reviewed July 24, 2017
OahuAloha on TripAdvisor

I really don’t write bad reviews but felt our experience warranted this review:
My husband & I traveled to Anchorage with our 3 month old for the first time. I recognize that July is peak season here, however we arrived and received little to no priority or consideration by the front desk Read More…


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Reviewed July 24, 2017
rebeccacY7673JR on TripAdvisor

So awful. First, front desk is not helpful and does not communicate. Our rooms were not ready until 4pm and then they were not what we booked. Tired old hotel, out dated, dirty.  Read more…


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“Overpriced and Overrated”

Reviewed July 22, 2017
307micahf on TripAdvisor

This hotel was extremely overrated and overpriced. Read more….


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Reviewed July 18, 2017
patcody53 on TripAdvisor

We traveled with another couple and both our rooms smelled like wet dogs and heavy cigarette smoke. Read more…


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“Hot Room in Anchorage”

Reviewed July 17, 2017
RockyMtnRamblers on TripAdvisor

AC did not work properly, heat remained on despite the staff effort to turn it off. Clearly not what we expect from Hilton. Read more…


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“Awful in so many ways!”

Reviewed July 16, 2017
gaterp on TripAdvisor

I can’t believe that I am writing this bad review for a Hilton but here it goes. The air conditioning is broken and we have to have the window opened with the LOUD street noise, loud partying and loud music blaring from nearby club somewhere in the city. Read more…


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“Anywhere BUT Hilton in Anchorage…”

Reviewed June 2017
X1449MFjameso on TripAdvisor

Hotel is not up to the Hilton Brand and this facility needs a major overhaul. Staff doesn’t care so if you have to stay there, be prepared to be ignored. They will look at you like you are not there and do not listen.


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“Anchorage Dissapointment”

Reviewed June 2017
451leonardp on TripAdvisor

Not a good value. The room service was very slow and the food was terrible. Would not stay there again and would not recommend this hotel. There are better hotels in the Anchorage area. Parking is a real problem. There is no place to park.


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“Poor version of a Hilton”

Reviewed 6.9.17
Y4360JVa on TripAdvisor

Apparently this Hilton is a ‘franchise’ location and not technically part of the corporate chain. The property is very dated, has a funky old cigarette smell throughout, and gouges for parking fees when Anchorage is not at all a bustling city where parking spaces are a premium (this was even more annoying because they have very few valet drivers working at times, so my morning commutes were sometimes delayed over 10 minutes, especially during apparent delays during their shift changes).


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“Extremely overpriced for a mundane hotel and terrible food and poor comfort”

Reviewed 6.2.17
moorookar2b on TripAdvisor

Expected 400 times better than what we got for the highest priced hotel Ive ever stayed in.
Breakfast was just grease with powder eggs.
Bed hard with no supportive pillows.
No fridge.
Rooms basic.
Did I mention very expensive,


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