Hilton Anchorage: “Nice property…better than what I expected from previous reviews.”

Shakennotstirred2013 on TripAdvisor
August 26, 2014

First let me say that I expected to find the property in less than what I desired condition based on some of the previous reviews. Secondly I am not part of any cruise or tour but here in Anchorage on business for 4 days. With that said I find this Hilton property very nice. No falling wall paper, mold, dirty carpet, smelly room, etc. Things are neat, clean, well kept and very nice. You can’t beat the location in downtown. The lobby area is very nice. Most of the newer Anchorage hotels are “mid town” and I have stayed at most of them in the past several years and choose to because they were newer. I decided to take a chance and stay here and I’m glad I did. The lobby is nice. I haven’t tried the restaurant here in the hotel but really there are so many within two blocks it shouldn’t matter. The Hard Rock Cafe is across the street. The pool and exercise area is great. Farmers market is also across the street on weekends. We had to change rooms once because of a failed TV connection and they were very nice about the change and the second room was as nice as the first. Staff has been great. So I’m not sure what arrangements the cruise/tour groups have with this hotel and what they reserve and at what price point but my guess is that they probably get discounted older rooms than what the general public gets. Maybe those that have a beef with their stay here should take their issues up the their tour provider. Possibly if the tour company paid more to the hotel they they may get rooms that were updated. But then again that would either cut into the profits of the tour company or increase the tour costs to the consumer. My stay and accommodations have been very nice and I will come again. My standards are fairly high and those standards have been met.


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