Hilton Anchorage: “Where do I begin?”

November 18, 2014
By Erika S on TripAdvisor

Initially when I checked in I was given a room on the 14th floor. I am a single woman and only needed one bed. The room I was given smelled STRONGLY of smoke, the paint was peeling off the walls, and it was no bigger than a closet. I went back to the front desk and requested another room. The second room was better but still not the standard I would expect for the price and it being the flagship Hilton in Alaska. (no fridge, no microwave) Also, parking was outrageously expensive at $24/day, not to mention the $13/day charge for internet?! As an Alaska resident these are the things we expect during the summer tourist months, but not during the off season and especially not as a resident! The service at the restaurant during lunch was very slow and the food was often cold or forgotten.

Our conference was held in the Chart Room which was either too hot or too cold. Not to mention the noxious smell of rotten eggs or sewage that present the entire first day of the conference.

Lastly, while my brand new truck was parked using the valet services it received a really big ding in the hood, like something was dropped or fell on it. I pointed it out to the bellman (who was very kind and helpful) and he gave me paperwork to fill out and numbers to call since I did not have time to wait for his boss to show up. I am hoping I do not have to file a claim with my insurance in order to get my truck fixed.

With a little sprucing up and some special attention to locals this could be a great place. But for my money I would stay elsewhere!!


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