Hilton Anchorage: “Very mixed feelings about this hotel”

Reviewed January 7, 2017
Iris J. on Yelp

Very mixed feelings about this hotel.  The staff for the most part was very welcoming and friendly. Unfortunately I experienced way too many issues during my stay to rate the Hilton in Anchorage any higher. I stayed for a week and over the course of that week new problems sprung up and left the staff running around like chickens with their heads cut off to find a solution. The first night I checked in we had rented a banquet room for the week, I went upstairs to get settled and waited for them to find someone to unlock the banquet room, but wasn’t even guaranteed that it could be unlocked that night because the person in charge of that wasn’t there. Finally got access to the room to set up equipment and was up half the night setting up only to have to move everything early in the morning because a pipe burst and that area of the hotel has significant amounts of water that took days to clear out. I was relocated to a different room(with lots of generous help from the staff) which they weren’t anticipating placing anyone being in because it was freeeeeezing cold up there.


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