Hilton Anchorage: “Very disappointing last night”

BonnieN4 on TripAdvisor
August 21, 2014

Stayed as the final night of a land/cruise package by HAL as their own hotel was overbooked. Had been thinking that it was going to be a bonus but the room was the worst of the lot during the whole tour. The room obviously had not been updated in eons, the carpet was frayed to the point of being a tripping hazard, the walls marked and the bathroom terrible; the tub was scrubbed through to the undercoating and stained, mouldy edges and the air vent clogged with gobs of dust, not nice at all. The hallway not much better with peeling wallpaper and massive scuffing. Granted we were in the older part of the hotel (the building with two letters missing from their sign H L ON ) which should have been our first clue. Would advise to save your money and use a cruise line hotel as they at least have free internet.

Room Tip: Avoid the old building if possible.


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