Hilton Anchorage: “Perfectly Mediocre”

October 21, 2014
Amy F on TripAdvisor

I stayed in the Anchorage Hilton for almost a week while on a business trip. I was surprised by the complete lack of character in the hotel rooms. My room had a view of the mountains which would have been enormously enhanced by the windows not being filthy. The Hilton needs to hire a window washer. The room was clean enough but not sparkling clean. When I arrived there was a key card holder from a previous guest left on the floor between the beds, moldy caulking hung loose from around the sink and there was dust and hair behind the door in the bathroom. The room temperature was difficult to control and often way too hot. Fortunately, there was a window that could be opened in my room. Walking towards the hotel I noticed a lot of windows were opened. This really lacks any kind of sense. Why spend the money heating a hotel to the point that guests need to open windows to be comfortable. Seems like a huge waste of energy and money. There was not make-up mirror or glass in the bathroom. Guest comfort does not seem to be a high priority.

The hotel was packed during my stay and it seemed there were just not enough supplies to go around. Getting wash cloths was far more effort than it needed to be. After repeated failures from housekeeping I finally went to the front desk and was able to procure a wash cloth. There was no mini fridge in the room but there was a gift shop in the lobby where I could purchase cold water or soda. The gift shop would be randomly closed. Apparently instead of having enough staff to cover breaks, the policy is just to close the store whenever staff needed a break. No posted times for this or anyway to plan, just get there and no way to get what was needed. When I asked about this the clerk rather rudely told me “everyone gets lunch”. I don’t disagree, but why not have a fill in staff or post the hours in advance, and really, why be rude to the guests.

Overall I think if you are staying a night or two this would be fine. The little things would not be so obvious. The location is great for walking to downtown amenities. But if you are staying more than a night or two I would absolutely recommend looking elsewhere. Ideally a hotel provides a business traveler with enough amenities and comfort to ease the burden of being away from home. The Hilton Anchorage made me long for the comforts of home which is terrible for business travelers.

Room Tip: Stay in the newer of the two towers and ask for a room with a view.


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