Hilton Anchorage: Janay G. on Yelp!

Hilton Anchorage
July 22, 2014

My husband came out here for a work conference and I got to tag along. We stayed a couple nights at a place near the airport, and then switched over to Hilton since it’s compliments of his job. We got a king bed room and it was DISGUSTING and SMALL. There was a brown substance on the curtains, black footprints in the tub and no toilet paper! I couldn’t handle it, $250/night, are you serious?! My husband went downstairs and spoke with the receptionist who gave us a bigger room (which was also wheelchair accessible…odd) and apologized. The room smelled old and looked used, but I guess that’s the standard around here: everything gets a layer of worness and stank. It’s too bad since Hilton generally has a good rep in my home state of CA. The only reason I gave it two starts is because they had a cool bar/lounge and a really nice waitress names Ivana who recommended an amazing dessert our first night there, and the receptionist was nice; fake and clueless, but nice. I would definitely not recommend this place overall. Stay somewhere else and get your money’s worth.


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