Hilton Anchorage: Does not deserve the name Hilton”

Jonharb on TripAdvisor
July 27, 2014

Booked this hotel for two nights in June after a nice cruise. Originally had a rete around $240 per night on the club room floor. I didn’t notice until the morning after we checked in that they were charging a rate of $374 per night. I went to the front desk and the girl said she could not do anything that rates were subject to change so I asked for the manager who gave me the same story and said that the only thing she could do was delete my club room privilege’s and lower the rate to $309. I said do it. The club room consisted mainly of a cheese and crackers menu with a few veggies. They charge a healthy price for drinks and its mostly bottom shelf liquors.
The room we stayed in was old and musty with a view over the downtown industrial section and the only thing good I can say about this place is that its within walking distance of most downtown attractions, but so are many other hotels one of which I will try next time I’m in Anchorage. I got all of this and I’m a Gold member of Hilton Honors. Thank goodness they have many fine Hotels and Motels of which this is not one. Anyone who claims this place is great is either an employee of Hilton or just came in from living under a rock.

Room Tip: Go to another Hotel


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