Hilton Anchorage: “Disappointed with the name hilton”

December 26, 2014
Osvaldo O on TripAdvisor

booked this hotel thinking I would get quality, you know cause it’s the Hilton, right? Wrong, insert fail trumpet here. First room I stayed in wasn’t clean. Informed the front desk and and asked them to clean it while I went out for a few hours. Came back a few hours later, still not clean. The room looked like someone went on a pub crawl then came back and spilled beer on the door then left bottle caps under the table. I immedietly asked to be moved to another room which was clean. I also paid for some chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champaign to be in the room at check in. When I Asked the front desk they had no idea what I was talking about. I had to get my receipt from my initial booking and explain to them what I had planned. Even still the strawberries and champagne where not in the room until I left for a second time. Hotels should ask what your intent of travel so that they can coordinate room service. twice they came up at 8 am while we were still in bed so we missed the service. They said they would come back later in the day but never did until we had to go back to front desk and ask them to come clean. Finally the coffee machine in the room was crusty and I refused to use it. Also apparently a fire alarm went off in the morning because we were woken up by a loud voice asking us not to be alarmed due to a false fire alarm. we never heard alarms or saw any flashing lights.

Pros where the vallet service. Guys where very friendly and accommodating. They get five stars. The bed was very comfortable and the bathrooms in the room where also very nice. Also gets five stars.

In summary this is a one star experience. I will never stay here again and I do not recommend the Anchorage Hilton to anyone. I doubt I’ll stay at Hilton again. just goes to show quality is not in name…it’s in the service and experience.


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