Hilton Anchorage: “Below Hilton Standards – Redux”

Shubunkin1950 on TripAdvisor
August 14, 2014

In the spirit of fairness, I want to provide an update to the review I posted yesterday titled “Below Hilton Standards”. 

Today I was quite surprised to receive a phone call from the Head of Housekeeping regarding my TripAdvisor review from yesterday.

He seemed genuinely concerned about the condition of the two rooms and offered an explanation: by reviewing the records of the room key usage, he determined that someone had re-entered the room after the previous occupants had checked-out, and before we checked in. He also stated that he would be having a meeting the following morning to address this situation, to prevent it from happening again. 

He was very apologetic and offered to send us a gift, since we had been celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime 40th anniversary. I declined the gift saying that addressing and fixing the problem was my objective for writing the review, and it appeared Hilton was doing that. He then offered to add points to our Hilton Rewards program, and that I willingly accepted. 

I do not write many TripAdvisors Reviews, and seldom had the opportunity to write a negative review. And I never expected to receive a response from a review. In this case, I am very impressed that someone from Hilton actually took the time to read my review and respond to it. I can only say that it is obvious that TripAdvisor has had a major impact on how businesses now respond to customer’s comments and strive to improve their products and services. Hilton did the right thing…


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