Hilton Anchorage: “A Tired Workhorse”

Chrisbeeoxford on TripAdvisor
September 20, 2014

This hotel (as with other hotels in town according to other travellers I spoke to) is in need of renovation/refurbishment. I stayed in it 3 nights in total on three separate visits and experienced only two rooms (re-allocated the same room as allocated on one of the other occasions). Both rooms were tired and because of it seemed drab and dirty (actually cleanliness was not an issue). The net-type curtains were grey from use, the bathroom furniture unreliable and in one of the rooms the drab wall paper was peeling at joining seams. The room was large enough and the bed acceptable though only one pillow of poor quality was provided. The one experience of the breakfast was good though the waitress decided I had to be tucked away in a far, stuffy corner despite plenty of spare tables much closer and in the open.

Room Tip: No advice possible unless it is to ask for a recently refurbished room.


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