On March 23, 2017, Kroll Bond Rating Agency reported the following:

“The Hilton Anchorage received an ‘Unacceptable’ rating on its December 2016 Hilton Quality Assurance (QA) Report. This score was primarily related to guest satisfaction survey scores and guest room cleanliness. The hotel is implementing additional training to address the concerns. If the Hilton Anchorage property does not pass two consecutive QA scores, there will be a cash flow sweep until a passing score is achieved.”1 (emphasis added)

1Kroll Bond Rating Agency. “U.S. Structured Finance, CMBS Pre-Sale Report: CGCMT 2017-P7”. March 23, 2017. Page 135.


Ceiling leak August 2017

Room 534, August 2017

Room 826, August 2017

63% Quality Assurance Score

December 2016

The Hilton Anchorage Hotel

June 14, 2017

Flood in basement, May 2017

Boiler Leak, May 2017

Alaska OSHA “Hazard Alert Letter”

Where Alaska OSHA finds a workplace hazard, but determines that it does not meet the requirements for a General Duty Clause violation, it issues a “Hazard Alert Letter.”  Alaska OSHA sent the Hilton such a letter on April 13, 2017 after finding that “the outdoor parking garage had problems with aging/weathered paint, such as bubbling, flaking, and peeling.”  Read the letter here.

Guest Room Wall—February 2017

Hilton Anchorage Update

On Thursday January 26, 2017, Housekeeping manager Ivan Tellis announced to the housekeeping department that Holland America Cruise line will not be using the Hilton Anchorage Hotel to lodge guests this summer.  Holland America had been a regular customer of the hotel.